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Notice of Livejournal Obsolescence [Feb. 4th, 2014|06:06 pm]
As a matter of general policy, when I am putting content on the internet, what goes up stays up. To that end, the entire archive of my Livejournal is available for you to read if for some reason you want to do that. However, there is no reason you should want to do that. I started it nearly a decade ago, when I was sixteen, and while some sixteen-year-olds produce worthwhile content, I wasn't really one of them. Additionally, I spent a longish period of time using this journal as a food diary as part of what you could generously describe as a mindful eating project. The only worthwhile post for general consumption out of this journal has since been re-posted to my Tumblr, at which I do my blogging these days. I also have a Twitter now. My general repository of all things me is at my hub site.

I'm not going to go through my entire archive and mark the endorsedness status of everything in it, but this is my notice that it's not worth reading and if you read it anyway you aren't getting an up-to-date look at my thoughts and feelings. I have mellowed out a lot and gotten noticeably better at writing.